Friday, April 29, 2016

Time Stamps - Then and Now

Season after season I trim the bushes in my front yard and maintain their perfect ball shape. I take great pride in my work, and in my memory they have always been in the ball shape. Until one day, I happened to be glancing through some old photos and found a picture taken a dozen years ago in front of my house. The bushes were small and short, without much of a shape. They have grown in front of my eyes and I did not register!

Scanning through other photo albums I found two pairs of photos that resemble the situation of the bushes.

Nicholas and his mom walking together - he walked by mom’s side in a science museum in 2003, not reaching her hip yet; twelve years later he hiked with mom at Bryce Canyon, almost a head taller than mom.

My boys and I - we stood in front of a blue bonnet field in 2004 - Nicholas in my arm, and Justin under my arm; eleven years later they towered me on the trail of Bryce Canyon.

Photos are our visual time stamps.

Time marches forward steadily, but its passing is never fully appreciated, until we pause to look back.

Spring 2016
Summer 2003
Nicholas and Mom 2003
Nicholas (in blue coat) and Mom 2015
My boys and I, Spring 2004
My boys and I (middle), Winter 2015

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