Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Presents from Nicholas

Last week Nicholas and I talked about what he could do on Mother's Day - something not done before and special. I made a few suggestions  - what you can do for Mom that she does for you, something Mom asks you to do and has to push you hard to get it completed. He asked time for thinking.

By Saturday night he decided to do a few things for Mom on Sunday morning - he would cook breakfast for Mom, fried eggs, and he would also make his bed in the morning and be at Chinese school on time. 

Mother's day breakfast for Mom
When I went to the kitchen around 7:30am this morning, he was there cooking the first egg in a frying pan already. He rarely gets up this early on weekends, standing there with sleepy eyes. I looked at the pan - he forgot to pour cooking oil in. I added oil into the pan, and he cracked two more eggs to add into the pan. One egg white flew around another egg to form a crescent moon shape - not a perfectly cooked egg, but ideal to make a happy face, with cherry and sliced apple! He went back to his room to sleep a bit more until Mom was ready for breakfast.

Nicholas made his bed on Mother's day
When Mom went to ask him to come to kitchen for breakfast, she was pleasantly surprised to see that his bed was made already. 

We had a great Mother's Day breakfast together.

No card, No flower, Nicholas gave his Mom great presents from his own efforts. His mom was really happy and proud.

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  1. Great post. Nicholas is growing up nicely.