Saturday, May 14, 2016

Double Yolk Egg

Lily and I share the cooking duty in our household. 

I cook on weekdays with help from her ; she washes and cuts vegetables and prepares other ingredients of a dish the previous night.  When I get home after work, with everything ready to cook, I can have dinner ready everyday in about half an hour, we almost always have dinner before 7pm.

Lily cooks on Weekends. She usually takes time to cook more sophisticated dishes for the whole family to enjoy. She also has the cooking menu ready by Sunday night so I don't have to think about what to cook everyday and we have a balanced diet.

double yolk egg 

Last Thursday, she had seafood tofu and Chinese cabbage on the menu. When I got home Thursday afternoon, thawed shrimps and washed Chinese cabbages were in the refrigerator ready for cooking, tofu in the packaging box waiting to be unpacked and rinsed. She also put 3 eggs by the stove.

I fried the shrimps lightly, added sliced tofu cubes to simmer. After a few minutes, I added chopped Chinese cabbages and simmered the combination a few more minutes. When it was almost well cooked, I cracked the eggs into the pan, and a double-yolk egg caught my eyes, it was the first time in my life that I saw a double-yolk egg! I was quite excited.

Called out to Nicholas to take a look at the dish, he came around the stove, looked at frying pan without noticing the double-yolk egg. I prompted him that there was something special there, and he finally noticed the double-yolk egg.

I also took a picture to send to Lily, who was still at work then, with a caption - "special today". She replied with a happy face.

She did not comment on the dish or the picture I sent. Later in the evening, I asked her if she noticed anything special about the seafood tofu, "it was delicious but not anything special", she said. Upon suggestion to look at the picture again,  she noticed the double-yolk egg when she opened the picture on her phone.

Chance of finding a double-yolk egg  is ~1/1000.

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