Monday, June 27, 2016

Temporarily Separated

When Lily was away at Lisbon, Portugal for her solo adventure, I filled in her roles at home.

Mommy roles

The main worries I had that week was about Justin's Solo drive to Austin, and Nicholas' final exams.

The day Lily left for Lisbon was the day Justin came home from his first independent vacation to California with a couple of friends. He would leave home in two days again, driving solo to Austin for his summer research fellowship. He drove long distance quite a few times already with passengers, so I was not worried about his driving. The main concern was that he might fall asleep behind the wheel due to lack of sleep the night before. So in that two days I kept telling him about driving safety - no cell phone call and no texting while driving, sleep well the night before the drive and take breaks during the trip ... I reminded him one more time before I went to bed the night before, "you will drive long distance tomorrow, don't go to bed too late, ok?" , "ok, ok".  Finally after a Sunday dim sum branch, he was on his way .... no more safety reminder this time from me, " Be safe! let me know when you arrive at your apartment please." "Yes".

As for Nicholas' final exam week, my main responsibility was to make sure he got up on time, had a good breakfast, and left home on time on the exam days. Nicholas could do all these by himself. But my talking to him before he went to sleep, my waking him up in the mornings instead of alarm clocks, and the fact that I made the breakfast for him instead of doing it himself, made him feel at home, cared for and not missing his mom too much.

The other thing I did for Nicholas that week was to attend Jasper band parent meeting.


Lily and I  do almost everything together. Seven day separation without communication would be very hard for us, especially me. Luckily she had WiFi at her hotel there. She texted me and suggested using Skype to have video calls!

I installed Skype on my laptop right away. The first time I saw her via Skype and talked to her, I was so happy and pleased! That week I had daily video call with her, reporting what happened at home and listening to her stories of adventure in Portugal.

Other Activities

On Friday afternoon that week, while Nicholas was at the School party after the finals, I went to a crawl fish cook-out party at a colleague's lake front house. I enjoyed the Cajun flavored crawl fish, shrimps and other delicious food,  got to know Stephen's cooking talent, listened to Pete's story about the 2015 flood at Lake Lewisville .....I had a great time. I also brought home some leftover for Nicholas to enjoy :).

On Saturday, I sent Nicholas to Jasper High School for a band day camp, and then went to volunteer for CIE Math Comp/Math Fun event. I was the event organizer in 2015, and this year I was an individual contributor.

Lily would return home that night. With all these out of house activities to distract me, time flew, and the waiting was not bad. She landed at DFW at 9pm, we were in each other's arms shortly afterwards.

Lily had a good time during her Lisbon adventure,  I did well at home as a single parent. But nothing beats being together. No place is better than home. The short separation makes us cherish each other more.

Crawl fish broil
Crawl fish, shrimps, sausage, potato ,,,,on a table

with my successors at MCMF

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