Saturday, August 20, 2016

Camping at Outer Banks

Imagine camping on the beautiful seashore,with star filled darkest sky east of Mississippi River, the constant breeze from ocean and the sound of waves -  how romantic it could be! Lily was persuaded easily to camp at Cape Hatteras during the trip.

Two person tent, long tent stakes, a hammer, bug repellents, high power flash light, sleeping bag, .....all camping gears, total weight over 40 lb, were packed into a large luggage case, which was checked in for our flights. Lily did research on the camping sites, and chose Frisco campsite, which was a few miles south from Hatteras Light house, on a small "hill" about quarter mile away from the ocean, separated from it by beach, sand dune and marsh.

We stayed at site 12, which has a sandy pad for a tent, and surrounded by pine trees, which provides much needed shade in late afternoon. The camp was ~ 50% occupied, about just right  - not crowded but not desolated either.  We encountered other campers occasionally on the way to the beach, or at the centralized shower/bathroom area.

The area is full of life,  Deer roams in the meadow, frogs call in the marsh, and jumping on to the wood board walk frequently, birds chirping in the bushes in the morning and running on the beach .....and of course active outdoor persons like us -:) 

The first night at Hatteras, when we got back from our sunset dinner to the camp site it was pitch dark! With tent's canopy removed, we lay on the sleeping bag, hand in hand, looking at the stars in the sky, and listening to the sound of the ocean ..... I quickly fell asleep until being awaken by bird chirping early next morning.

We went to Ocracoke island in late afternoon on the second day at Cape Hatteras via ferry. It turned stormy and we got back to our tent late that night with lightnings and thunders all around us - fortunately they were miles away and the rain at the camp site was light. As we were ready to get into the tent for the night - a big deer dropped by to visit us!!!  

Since we put the canopy on before we left the camp site - so our tent remained dry. But the canopy kept heat in, and I was awake at dawn due to the heat. The rain stopped , and the sky was clear, so I removed the canopy to allow hot air out, cooler air in, and went back to sleep.

When we were awake around 7am, we saw a crescent Moon right above our tent in the blue sky!

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