Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sunset Dinner

It turned out that there are many restaurants at Cape Hatteras. Based on Trip Advisor's comments and examination of local map, I picked out a restaurant ahead of time for a Sunset dinner. Breakwater Restaurant is claimed to be the place to go.

It was a sunny day, but the setting Sun was blocked by clouds in the western sky when we got to the restaurant. It seemed that we would not have a real sunset dinner. Nevertheless we asked to be seated outside on a raised deck with a table for two facing the direction of the setting Sun.

It was a good table, we had the view of the harbor and water of the Pamlico Sound, and the light wind from south. We were very comfortable in this hot summer evening. A quick kiss across the table, clinking glasses, we started checking the menu while drinking ice water, chatting about our day. The wind blew the thick clouds away and the Sun came out with a golden glow. There was some commotion on the deck as diners grabbed their phones or cameras to take picture of this scene. We did not have to move to enjoy this beautiful sunset and take photos.

While waiting for the food to come, Lily went to the open deck to take more pictures and I went to the car to get the selfie stick. We had a selfie - no sun in the picture due to sharp contrast, but our happiness was recorded :-). The food was good as well - we shared a grilled mahi-mahi (catch of the day) and softshell crab wrap while enjoying the Sun, the breeze and our conversation.

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