Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016 Presidential Election After thoughts

Why did Trump win?

There are many explanations to why Trump won, and Clinton lost. Of course there were many reasons. People wanted change - Trump is an outsider, Clinton is an insider, Trump spoke his mind, Clinton lied ..... Given all the outrageous comments Trump made in public, all the alleged bad behaviors he has ....he won the general election fair and square!

I thought that there were two main reasons that Trump won - one is widely attributed to - "the forgotten working class", see one interesting report here, the other is the suffocating "political correctness".

Political correctness has gone so extreme that people dare not to speak their minds in public if their opinions, ideas are contrary to that of the liberal media's. People lost their jobs, and even their properties - see the example in former LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling, whose private conversation being taped and led to his downfall.

Nobody dare to speak their minds in public and in some cases in private. One reason that many polls were wrong because many Trump supporters did not want to tell pollsters they would vote for him since he was labeled racist, sexist ...See a good reflection from one journalist on 

Trump was their champion to fight extreme political correctness. 


Democracy means majority rules - in this case, majority in Electoral College. There is no report of irregularities, no protest from Clinton campaign about the election. Trump won fair and square.

There are protests reported in major cities around the countries. Those are sour losers who don't understand what Democracy means.  Losing side should get over with the election, try to win next round, true believers of democracy do, even they voted for Clinton.

Democracy 2

Some commentators, domestic and international, said that Trump's candidacy was a mockery of democratic process. Democracy does not guarantee the best outcome or even a good outcome. It guarantees that majority rules. Trump's candidacy and success in this election actually demonstrated one more time that democracy works!

Peaceful Transition

I was pleased to hear a quick concession from Clinton when election outcome was clear. Her gracious concession speech was moving considering the animosity between she and Trump. She yielded to democracy, not to her political enemy.

I am heartened every time I see the peaceful, gracious transition of power after presidential election: Bush to Clinton, Clinton to Bush, Bush to Obama, and now Obama to Trump.

Obama said to Trump during their first meeting after election: "We now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed — because if you succeed, then the country succeeds."

They are true believers of democracy!!

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