Saturday, January 7, 2017

On the Black Trails at Wolf Creek

My niece's visit this winter break changed our ski trip plan from Spring Break to Winter Break. We chose Wolf Creek for schedule convenience,  ease access and relatively rounded mountains, instead of mountains in Denver area.

with our niece on the top of  the mountain
Our timing was fortunately very good, we were half day behind a winter storm going to the ski area, and half day ahead another winter storm when leaving. Th mountains had great condition for skiing during our visit there.

Blue sky, puffy snow, and bright Sun shine made everything looked beautiful.

The steep but wide trails at Winter Park and Keystone really sharpened our skills and built our confidence during the last two skiing trips. Justin and Nicholas quickly went to black trails after a few initial runs at Wolf Creek. I tried black trails on my own for a few times, Upper Gun Barrel is one the most difficult black trails at the front side of the ski resort, I skied on it with a bit trepidation, heart beating real fast, and a bit scared,  but completed the trail without breaking arms or legs 😊. I also went to the backside of the ski areas with the boys, and tried a couple really difficult black trails without falling frequently, but much slower than them.

Another intimidating black trail is the Alberta face, steep, long but wide trail with moguls. I zigzagged in fat S to get through it. Justin went there with me, he was at the bottom of the Alberta face a couple minutes ahead of me!!
On Alberta face

Overcome the last mogul on Alberta face

The morning of third day, Lily and I skied together, we tried a few more difficult blue trails on the front side and then went to the back side, hoping to stay on blue trail but experience the solitude and quietness there. We made a wrong turn and got into woods with segments of near 80 degree slopes! double black?? I stood on the slope with skis perpendicular to the trail and "slide" down slowly until there was a path forward, and repeated the process. Lily unfortunately fell multiple times. Due to the deep puffy snow, it was really difficult to get up,   She would rest on the slope and took picture of me before trying to getup. She got up on her feet after each fall without helps. It was not fun, but good test of resolve and toughness. We went back to blue trail and enjoy the real downhill speed !! 

It was intimidating but also thrilling to ski on black trails. 

lost in the back country

reaching the bottom of a very steep slope
Lily fell multiple times on the steep and puffy slopes

she stood up on her own after each fall!

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