Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jogging after lunch

One good habit I have is jogging after lunch, almost every weekday - hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, windy or drizzling. It is a good exercise and an escape from staled indoor air.

test rig
The place I work is an industrial site - test rigs, manufacturing plants, equipment storage areas. There is no natural beauty around, all concrete and steel, but there is a 1 mile loop "trail" on the backside of the industrial campus. The towering rigs and the grand crane under blue sky illustrate the mighty of masculine. Despite this environment, there are two persons at this site who jog outside after lunch regularly - Wade and me. Even though we don't jog together, and our jogging time is almost random between 12 - 1pm, we see each other several times a week on the trail. We will know the other person is offsite if we don't see each other at least once a week.

The fast changing Texas weather provides plenty to see in the sky during my jog - rainbows after flash rains in summer, beautiful cloud formations on a windy day. Even when the sky is a monotone blue, there could be something interesting to see. One day I looked up the "pure" blue sky, I saw a "white bird" high in the sky - a silver plane under bright Texas Sun at noon time! I looked up again  - I saw 5 planes in the sky at the same time.

beautiful cloud
During my jogging, there is no distraction, my body is in motion, and my mind is free. I observe many things I would otherwise not pay attention to. One day I saw two technicians working on a Cell tower at the northern end of our campus. The other day I saw 2 to the power of 485 on a container and quickly compared it to google (10 to the power of 100).

cell tower
a huge number
There are wild life in this concrete and steel world. In late Spring and early Summer, I see and hear house finches under the roof of the chemical storage building. Rabbits live under the pipes in an unpaved area. I also have frequent encounters with plovers - bird with a white collar on its neck.

This 20 minute solo jogging after lunch, provide me fresh air, time to relax, and to observe.
It is a 20 minute bliss of solitude.

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