Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lucky Night

I attended a couple formal dinner parties to celebrate lunar new year for the first time. The second party night was a lucky night.

lion dancing

At the first dinner party a couple weeks ago, I went there solo as a VIP representing my non-profit organization at a sister organization's event. I sat at a table with a state representative, Dallas county GOP chair, a Congressman's outreach director, and two other non-profit organizations' representatives. There were Lion dancing, costume show, and many performances from various Asian Pacific cultures.

my table
Fashion show - Qipao

Last night Lily and I went to the 2nd dinner party together by my non-profit organization, in night gown and suits, siting at table 4 near the stage. We were a little bit late to arrive at the restaurant, most everyone was seated already. As an officer of the organization, I was pretty "outgoing", I introduced myself to everyone at the table, 3 other parties, a longtime volunteer and his date, a newly wed couple who have no relation to the organization but wanted to expand their connections, and a mixed race family of 4.

The stage design was beautiful, the program/performance was lively, and an online a game played during the dinner generated quite a bit excitement. The food was great. The conversations at the table were interesting. 


Near the end of the dinner party, there was a raffle drawing. First the mixed race family won a prize, after couple rounds, the volunteer's number was called, and then our number was called. It caused quite a roar - Table 4 was the lucky table at the party!! We were rooting for the newly wed to win - but they had no luck. Lily gave our prize to the newly wed to celebrate their wedding and wish them a happy year of Rooster. In the end everyone at the table was very happy!

It was a lucky night and It was a memorable night! 

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