Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mt Magazine

We went to Arkansas, the Nature state, for spring break,  third year in a row. This year we went to Mountain Magazine, the highest mountain in Arkansas.In March, under cloudy sky, we did not catch the Mountain's supposedly stunning beauty. But I did find the Mountain to be charming.
Driving from North to Mt Magazine, about 16 miles away, we saw this huge trapezoidal shaped wall like mountain , just as shown in this model in the Mt Magazine Park's exhibition hall,  towering surrounding area.

The mountain top was so flat, we did not have the feel of on top of the world when we hiked to the summit of Mt Magazine, the Signal Hill, where there was a stone map of the state of Arkansas. 

We stayed at Mt. Magazine lodge, which is located at a bluff of the mountain, with the full view of  Petite Jean Valley which is situated south to the mountain. The sky was mostly cloudy with occasional sunshine during the day when we were there, which made it possible for us to see the changing faces of Mt Magazine and Petite Jean Valley.

                                              Ray of Suns over the Petite Jean River Valley

                                                           Morning hues at Mt Magazine

                                                  Another morning scene at Mt Magazine

                                           Overlooking Petite Jean Valley

Note: Spring Break is not the best time to visit Arkansas to enjoy its natural beauty. We will visit the Nature state more in future, but in summer or fall.

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