Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Flowers Around the Blocks

Spring comes to North Texas early this year.

Unlike wide spread of colors from foliage, the color of the blooming spring is dotted from place to place,   flowers on big trees and small, and on bushes and plants. The prevailing colors around our neighborhood are white flowers on pear trees, purple red flowers on peach trees, and yellow flowers on fences. But the cloudy grey sky prevented me from capturing the vivid colors of spring around the blocks on camera.

Finally the cloud broke apart last Sunday afternoon. After our late Sunday lunch, Lily and I went out for a walk around the neighborhood  to enjoy the beautiful spring and to exercise. Walking around our community for about two miles, I would say the scenes were mostly ordinary, brownish hibernated grass in the yards, leafless trees along the streets. When we turned a corner, the bright purple red peach flowers caught our attentions; then we noticed blue flowers on a few trees across the street .....the string of widely spaced bright spring flowers along the otherwise ordinary looking streets made our walk-around pleasant.

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