Saturday, August 31, 2013

Acadia Coastline

The most distinctive feature of Acadia National Park is its rocky coastline, especially the portion along the loop road near thunder hole, and the portion at Schoodic point, which we visited. The rugged shore is a feast to the eyes, the continuous sound of waves breaking at the rocks amplifies its masculine lure.

When we were a bit further away from the shoreline, the sound of waves faded away, pine trees, colorful bushes entered into the view. They along with the blue sky, white clouds made the sea shore seem like an elegant,  tranquil paradise!

In fact it is not all rocks along the shoreline. There is a short sand beach at a cove by the loop road, which attracts hundreds of people to brave the cool sea. There is a pebble beach at Schoodic point for young and young at heart to wander and play: to fish, to skip stones, to wade water. There are many birds along the shoreline. Aside from numerous sea gulls, we saw two bald eagles fishing near winter harbor at Schoodic point.

In the evening, the low tide reveals the sand bar at Acadia, which emerges from under the sea to connect Bar Harbor and Bar Island.  It is a bit chilly to stroll on the sand bar even in a mid-summer evening. The sunset over the sand bar, however, is awesome.

Rocky shoreline near loop road of Acadia National Park
Atlantic Ocean 
Bolders by the sea
Breaking Wave at Schoodic Point
The continual sound of  breaking waves is mesmerizing

Frenchman Bay
Tall grasses and bushes
View of Schoodic point shoreline from Schoodic Head
Red roof house 

Wave at Sand Beach
Bald Eagle near Winter Harbor

Seal Harbor
A pebble beach near Winter Harbor

Sun Set over the Sand Bar at Bar Harbor

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