Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Favorite TV Shows - 1

Shark Tank continues to be our family's favorite TV show this summer despite repeats are being played, which is shown 7 pm Friday, on ABC.

There are a few other TV shows I like which I watch/watched frequently: The Voice, Undercover Boss, Get out alive with Bears Grylls, American Ninja, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

The Voice, a singing competition on NBC, is among my favorites this year, a surprise even to myself. I had never really into any of the singing competitions - never watched the Voice in its previous seasons, never watched American Idol for more than 5 minutes before.

What drew me initially to the Voice this year was its blind auditions at the beginning of this season.  During the audition, I liked some singers profiled, and rooted for them. The blind audition made the decision process a suspense for the singers and audience. It was absolutely a thrill when my favored singer was picked by a single judge at the last second.

I also liked every judge on the show, Blake, Adam, Usher and Shakira. Unlike many in the show business, they projected clean images, displayed true love to music, showed off their depth in vocal artistry and were intelligent on the show!

As I watched the Voice week by week, I could clearly sense the progress of many singers, especially the Swon brothers. The best performances came from the semifinal. I was pleased to see that Swon brother pulled through. The final was sort of anticlimax but I was glad to see Danielle, the beautiful sweet 16 year old girl from Texas won the Voice.

Undercover Boss on CBS was a show we watched quite a few times on Friday evenings when Shark Tank was not shown (or moved to a inconvenient time). Despite some of the obvious shortcomings of this show, such as obvious marketing of featured company, some seemingly unreal settings, I liked the show because it taught good moral lessons to everyone, especially children.

The stories and outcomes in many episodes  enforce the some basic life rules I adhere to and want  to inject to my children: Hard work, dedication, responsibility, competency and self reliance.

Not a must see but decent one when compared to many other shows

We enjoyed Wheel of Fortune (CBS) and Jeopardy for long time. Unfortunately Jeopardy is moved out of major networks and at an inconvenient time slot. So we have not watched it for quite sometime. We continue to watch Wheel of Fortune quite frequently, especially myself. As it is aired at 6:30 pm,  I usually watch it while cooking dinner during week days. It is simple game show that I can play along.

As you might be aware already that I don't have drama, comedy, TV movie or news magazine in my list.

I was a loyal 20/20 (ABC) viewer for long time. I like that it was serious and objective. I stopped watching it when I joined corporate America - its air time is too late for me. Not sure if I will still like it if I get time to watch it now - time has changed, the people at the show changed. Unfortunately I am never become a fan of 60 minutes, due to its conflict time with NFL games and/or styles.

I love good drama/comedy/TV movie. I used to watch Home Improvement (ABC)every week when I was at graduate school. I watched every episodes of the TV movie series The Thorn Birds (ABC), again during my graduate school year; when I could not watch an episode live, I recorded the episode and watched it later. What is on screen nowadays is all about crime, sex, infidelity, violence, abnormal life style, rudeness or downright stupidity. I see enough of those on the national and local news already.

Note: My comments on Get out alive with Bears GryllsAmerican Ninja are long. I will post them in a future post.

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