Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Illusionists - by Nicholas

           Seven great magicians of this era have gathered for one, magnificent, magic performance at Dallas during the week of April 11. The manipulator, the futurist, the inventor, the anti-conjurer, the trickster, the warrior, and the escapologists. From all over the world, these varying magic performances awe audiences all over the world. Illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance, and supposedly the first ever full view water torture escape. It is magic in its purest form. 

On Saturday night of April 18, the last day of their performance here, we witnessed these amazing acts first hand at Musical Hall at Fair Park.

Bright lights shone upon a single figure. With the stage lights bright and focused on him, he took center stage and introduced himself as “The Futurist”. Quickly, he had performed the first trick of the show. He asked a woman to name 3 things that caused her happiness. First, she listed an emotion, joy. Then, she named her father, Paul, as the cause of her joy. Finally, she named the year 2015 as her joyful year. Summoning a fortune cookie, the following message was quickly revealed. “May you feel joy as you did with Paul in 2015.” 

Just as suddenly, a fantastic crash sounded. As the curtains were drawn and the stage lights dimmed, nine shadow cloaked figures had taken the stage (2 were assistants). Tricks began to fly in rapid succession.

The synchronization of the futurist and electronic display on a big screen made us to feel that he could get in and get out of the virtual world at will! 

The manipulator , a world magician competition champion, performed his magic via cards. In addition to the usual card tricks, his card magically floated between his hands. In the grand finale, he rowed up his sleeves, and displayed his tricks in "bare hands and arms".

Overall the show was entertaining and from time to time exciting, from archery so precise that it could shoot a ring out of the center of an apple to comedic relief, the Illusionists did it all.

Of course all their magics is illusion. But to figure them out was not easy. For example, my dad said the floating card must be due to magnetic field and magnet on the card. When I opened my own Ultimate Illusionists Floating Card kit at home, I found out that the mechanism for the float was very rudimentary. 

Note: this post was derived from a journal written by Nicholas

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