Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wild Flowers at Austin - by Lily

Every time we go to Austin, in addition to sampling the great food there, we try to visit a scenery place. This Memorial Day weekend we decided to check out the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I have heard about it from a friend. With all the rains we got recently I would imagine a lot of blooming flowers; and we were not disappointed.

Even before entering the park, a variety of colors jumped at us.

Once in the park, we saw some unique sculptures accompanying the flowers and the pentatonic chime sent waves of music into our ears.

Winding through the stone pass we were surprised to see some rock assemblies decorated with palm trees and other green plants, and the other side of the wall was a lovely waterfall.

The center was not only home for some butterflies but also decorated by some lovely butterfly shaped lawn chairs.

The mission of the Wildflower Center is to preserve native plants and natural landscaping. It supports a lot of research programs. At the end, we bought some bluebonnet seedballs that can be tossed onto the ground in the fall. Seedballs are a natural farming method of adding new plants to the landscape without digging or disturbing the soil. The clay and compost spheres protect the seed within until sufficient rain melts the seedball, allowing the seed to germinate. Some lazy landscaping I need :)

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