Sunday, June 7, 2015

The flowers worth waiting - by Lily

When Allan and I were dating 20 some years ago, flowers were never the “wooing” power. The only time I remember was when I visited him in Virginia he showed up at the airport with a bouquet of flowers wrapped in newspaperJ.  The truth is Allan is a practical guy, he uses his words and action to win my heart. He also takes my words seriously. So when I say flowers are short-lived not worth the money he takes it to the heart L

But this last Friday, when I got home from work I was super surprised to see a giant and beautiful flower bouquet sitting on my kitchen counter. I know what it is for; it’s the flowers I’ve been waiting for… it’s our 20th wedding anniversary! But Allan was nowhere to be seen, he was out for a volunteer meeting. In fact he has been extremely busy all last couple of weeks. He took up the task to organize the biggest yearly youth event for a local organization (CIE/USA-DFW), and had worked every night late last week. But out of his extremely busy schedule he remembered our special day and made the extra effort to surprise me with such a gorgeous bouquet! As I breathe in the fresh scent of the flowers I am touched.

Twenty years of togetherness, for better or worse, we’ve been through. At each stage of our lives there are always new challenges to face, we learn, we adjust, we focus on our priorities, we work together, we help each other along. We spend times to reflect on our lives and figure out how to make it better. And we do make it better!

Looking at the flowers, I realize this is the flowers worth waiting, for 20 years, and for many more.