Friday, April 14, 2017

Blue Bonnet Trails at Ennis, TX

Blue Bonnet is a type of flowers that can be found in many places in southwest Unite States and it is the state flower of Texas. We see the blooming blue bonnet by the pond near our community and along highways and some parkways. Despite its omnipresence, we went to Ennis, TX on Sunday April 9, 2017, which is about 1 hour drive from where we live to see blue bonnet! 

The blue bonnet trails at Ennis we went are driving trails, with ranches, ponds, cattle, horse .... as backdrop. They were quiet, rustic and beautiful. 

After two hours drive and many pictures, we went to Fiesta Grill Mexican for lunch - the waitresses were beautiful and food were delicious.  

It was a good excursion for us to enjoy the blue bonnet and a change of surroundings.

Blue Bonnet at Blue Bonnet Trail Park

A field of Blue Bonnet

Texas Flag Fence

A ranch along blue bonnet trails

other flowers try to outshine blue bonnet




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